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How Does Pornography Impact Individuals and Relationships? [E133]
Episode 1338th May 2024 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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Matt Fanslow and guest Margaret Light tackle the subject of pornography and its effects on relationships. They discuss the challenges of addressing porn use, the avoidance of the topic in relationships, and the importance of open, respectful communication. They explore the emotional regulation aspect of pornography, the influence of media on sexual expectations, and the need for comprehensive sexual education. The conversation also covers ethical porn consumption, the impact of porn on relational dynamics, and the benefits of seeking therapy for related issues.

Margaret Light, Marriage & Family Therapist, MA, LMFT,, Equilibrium Therapy and Services

Show Notes

  • Professional language debate (00:03:15) Margaret Light discusses the professional debate around the language and terminology used in the field of pornography addiction.
  • Impact of pornography on sexual health and education (00:07:43) 
  • Unrealistic expectations and objectification (00:08:29) 
  • Warning signs of problematic pornography use (00:11:06) 
  • Ethical considerations of paying for porn (00:13:55) 
  • Dependency on porn for sexual activity (00:17:48) 
  • Acceptable use of pornography (00:19:23) 
  • The impact of hiding porn (00:19:37) 
  • Understanding relational problems (00:20:06) 
  • Individual perspective on porn use (00:20:53) 
  • Shame and embarrassment associated with porn (00:21:28) 
  • Pornography as an emotion regulation tool (00:23:29)
  • Expanding coping skills (00:25:00)
  • Neuroplasticity and brain rewiring (00:29:25) 
  • Realistic expectations for change (00:30:34) 
  • The impact of content on user preferences (00:35:17) 
  • Media influence on body image and fantasies (00:36:51) 
  • Porn Industry and Inclusive Content (00:38:51) 
  • Adolescent Education on Pornography (00:39:27) 
  • Mainstream Influence and Adolescent Expectations (00:41:10) 
  • Accessibility and Social Acceptance (00:43:32) 
  • Algorithmic Influence and Content Consumption (00:45:27) 
  • Relational Dynamics and Pornography Use (00:55:42) 
  • Relational Skills in Addressing Pornography (00:59:16) 
  • Ethical Use of Pornography (01:00:22) 
  • Demonstrating Care and Consideration (01:03:15) 
  • Seeking Therapy for Relationship Issues (01:04:22) 

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