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Healing Your Trauma
Episode 1324th October 2022 • Giving You Something To Talk About • GYSTTALIVETV
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Healing Your Trauma

Melissa Krechler and Mary Herd discuss her journey through PTSD and what it means to actually heal your trauma. No more hype, no more hiding, just no more!

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Guest Speaker is Mary Herd

For 11 years, Mary suffered from debilitating seizures that left her spending most of her time at home. She was unable to find the cause, despite consulting with physicians, neurologists, and psychiatrists. Finally, a friend recommended Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. She found an EMDR therapist and started work. Through EMDR she discovered that her seizures were caused by PTSD. Four months later, she was almost totally free from seizures and living a life she describes as “full of joy.”

Mary wrote about each session and what happened to her between sessions. Her journal, supplemented by her therapist’s comments on each session, became a book, “Unfreezing Trauma: My Personal Journal of EMDR Recovery.”

Now Mary is dedicated to talking about her story, the book, and EMDR in general. Her goal is to make sure everyone who suffers from PTSD knows about EMDR.




Host is Melissa Krechler

Identity Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Business Mentor


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