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Dealing With A Culture Of Blame
4th April 2018 • Herding Tigers • Todd Henry
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It’s human nature to want to assign blame. Since the dawn of time we’ve assigned unseen causes to effects that we can’t explain. We even find ways of off-loading blame for our vices (the devil made me do it!) and our shortcomings (it’s just my nature.)

Much of this blame-shifting is in the effort to protect ourselves. We don’t like being seen by others as a failure, or as lacking self-control. There are sometimes consequences for failure that affect our job, our family and even our health. We also don’t like to see ourselves as a failure, and we do everything we can to protect our desired self-image.

When a culture of blame infiltrates your team, it can be devastating.

On today's episode, we share a few ways to identify a culture of blame, and several principles for dealing with it.

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