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2023 1st Quarter Economic Update
Episode 20724th April 2023 • Secure Your Retirement • Secure Your Retirement
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In this Episode of the Secure Your Retirement Podcast, Radon and Murs speak with Andrew Opdyke about an update on the state of the economy of the first quarter of 2023. Andrew discusses the divergence within the economy, the issues with the banks, the recession and market volatility, and much more.

Listen in to learn why you shouldn’t worry about the US debt ceiling and its impact from a market standpoint. You will also learn why inflation might last longer and cause a recession if the federal reserve doesn’t prioritize the inflation fight.

In this episode, find out:

  • The divergence within the economy – the goods and services sides of the economy are moving in different directions.
  • The issues with the banks – how banks got hit from holding assets in a high-interest rate environment.
  • Why the banking issues won’t lead to another financial crisis since it’s largely contained.
  • Why the US dollar losing its world reserve status might be a passing conversation in the long run.
  • Understanding the US debt ceiling and why it has a very little real lasting impact from a market standpoint.
  • Why inflation might last longer if the federal reserve doesn’t prioritize the inflation fight.
  • Andrew’s optimism on earnings progression, production growth, and service industry progression.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “The slowdown we’re seeing economically is not a collapse of activity, is that it’s become more difficult to buy that technology that keeps the output growth continuing.”- Andrew Opdyke
  • “The debt numbers don’t tell you the full situation; you need to understand both sides of the balance sheet.”- Andrew Opdyke

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