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Deep Dive: Exploring Organized Crime - Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime EPISODE 1, 30th April 2020
Destruction or Theft?
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Destruction or Theft?

Destruction or Theft? Between 2014 and 2017, the Islamic State group occupied territory in Iraq. At it's height it controlled almost a third of the country and over 4,500 historical sites.

Alongside the dramatic pictures of the destruction of artefacts and irreplaceable ancient sites like Nimrud, others have claimed that this destruction was largely carried out to conceal extensive looting of valuable artefacts.

Presenters: Laura Adal and Jack Meegan-Vickers


Colin P. Clarke, Senior Research Fellow at The Soufan Center and Assistant Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Christina Schori Liang, Head of Terrorism and PVE at GCSP.

Katie A. Paul, Co-Director of the ATHAR Project