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329. Running a Criminal Defense Practice as a Solo with Kirk Tarman
Episode 32915th August 2022 • The Law Entrepreneur • Neil Tyra
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Today my guest is Kirk Tarman. Kirk is a criminal defense attorney in Southern California, and we have a great conversation about his journey. He's spent the better part of nearly 25 years being a criminal defense attorney and a solo practitioner, occasionally with some staff members, but currently a true solo practitioner with some support staff. We cover all the bases and the unique aspects of what it means to be a criminal defense attorney. I hope you find some value in this and enjoy the conversation.

In this episode, Neil and Kirk discuss:

  • Running a solo criminal defense practice. 
  • The power of negotiation. 
  • Why organization is so important in running your law firm. 
  • Being familiar with technology and courtrooms. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Every person and every story is different and deserves to have context and understand the unique characteristics of their case. 
  • Everyone deserves representation. Life is complicated and full of gray areas. 
  • No matter where you go, where you are known in a community, you will be the top-of-mind lawyer if people get to know who you are. 
  • Utilize the technology available to you to make your argument more persuasive. 


"The only way to deal with the stress, the true way, is to prepare, work hard, and know, at the end of the day, no matter what happens, that you've done a really good job, and you've done everything that could be done." —  Kirk Tarman

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