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The Swypit Show - Episode 16 (Swypit Inner Circle Spotlight: Sarah Duncan)
Episode 165th October 2022 • The Swypit Show • Kevin Hodes
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We're back, baby!

On the latest episode of The Swypit Show, we're pleased to welcome the Regional Director of the Folds of Honor Foundation, Sarah Duncan, for a wonderful conversation surrounding the fantastic work that Folds of Honor is doing for the family members of our fallen and wounded soldiers.

Sarah shares her personal experience as a Gold Star Family, which propelled her into working for Folds of Honor in the first place.

She has a wonderful story to share and we're so thrilled to have her aboard. So, what are you waiting for! Press that play button and come join us!


0:30 - What Swypit is all about

2:30 - Giving Dick Vitale a special gift

5:06 - The three main charities Kevin works with

7:00 - Welcoming Sarah Duncan to the show

8:05 - Sarah Duncan shares her story of losing her military father

11:30 - Sarah becoming a Folds of Honor scholarship recipient and then later working for them

13:15 - What does it mean to be a Gold Star Family?

15:30 - Memories of Sarah's father

18:50 - Everyone is compelled to work for Folds of Honor

20:20 - Sarah's first job in the working world

25:00 - How people can make a difference with Folds of Honor through donations

27:40 - The Folds of Honor documentary on Amazon

31:00 - How to apply for a Folds of Honor scholarship

34:10 - Folds scholarship recipients can also be spouses

36:14 - Where you can see the Folds of Honor documentary

39:54 - We need to appreciate our veterans who have paid the ultimate sacrifice

40:40 - Closing remarks


Folds of Honor Documentary

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