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FFP Member Stories: How The Threat of More Medication Kick-Started Glen’s Transformation
Episode 42nd June 2021 • Fit Father Project Podcast • Fit Father Project
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In another incredible and inspiring interview with one of the Fit Father Projects’ successful members, this episode of the podcast introduces us to Glen Page, a 57-year-old teacher who transformed his health and fitness after his Doctor wanted to put him on more medication for high blood pressure.

In this conversation, Dr. Anthony and Glen discuss how his transformation has impacted his health, the health and wellbeing of his family, and how the program has helped with building a stronger mind as well as a stronger body.

Glenn goes into detail about how he started the program, what the workouts felt like, how the workouts and nutrition improved his heart health & cardiovascular fitness, and how his students are now shocked at his speed and strength.

If you are looking for inspiration to get started on a health and weight loss plan, this interview with Glen will set you on the right track.

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