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Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner - Business Confidential Now with Hanna Hasl-Kelchner EPISODE 15, 15th April 2021
Why Pinterest is the Perfect Tool to Boost Your Brand
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Why Pinterest is the Perfect Tool to Boost Your Brand

Boost Your Brand

When you’re looking to boost your brand using social media, Pinterest is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Yet today’s guest is an online marketer who says it’s the perfect tool for creating more brand awareness and driving more organic, not paid, traffic to your website.

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What You’ll Discover About How to Boost Your Brand :

* How Pinterest actually works [2:12]

* How the search engine component of Pinterest helps boost your brand [3:45]

* Boost your brand through Pinterest’s search engine optimization [6:27]

* Why you boost your brand faster with Pinterest key words than on other social media [8:12]

* How to successfully set up your Pinterest profile properly [10:50]

* Pinterest content strategies to boost your brand [13:41]

* Biggest mistakes people make with using Pinterest [15:22]

* And MUCH more.


Guest: Stefan Ciancio

Stefan Ciancio, a hugely successful Pinterest marketing coach and online marketer, who says his strategies are responsible for over 1 million free page views using Pinterest and content.

Stefan didn’t take the most straightforward route to get to where he is today. He originally studied mechanical engineering at the University of Connecticut, and spent three years working as an engineer. But after figuring out how to up-sell items on eBay that he had purchased at a bargain price and discovering how to consistently driving high quality traffic his conversion to online entrepreneurship was complete.

He is currently the co-founder and co-owner of several businesses, as well as the President and CEO of the Master Growth Marketing Agency. His day-to-day revolves around supercharging the traffic of all types of businesses, product launching, affiliate marketing, and coaching others to be experts in these fields, too.

Stefan’s specialty is Pinterest marketing strategies, because he says the opportunities of this particular platform lets businesses grow their organic traffic, leads, sales, brands and audience, all without breaking the bank.

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