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Ticking the Queer Box with the DITC.
Bonus Episode5th July 2021 • The Instructor • Terry Cook
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It's an instructor podcast first as I'm joined by Chris Bensted, G Sabini-Roberts and Robin Jakumeit for my first ever podcast four way!

In the episode we talk about the Queer Box and the DITC, discussing why they decided to team up and why the Queer Box is a must for all driving instructors. 

We also look at some of the changes already taking place within the driving instructor industry and what we can do to better facilitate those changes. These include companies like GoRoadie giving people the option to select pronouns on their new diary management system and driving instructors adding LGTBQ+ flags to their websites. 

And if you hang about to the end, you get to hear me go a quite an impressive rant! 

You can follow the Queer Box on Facebook here:

Or check out the Website here:

But if you're a driving instructor, head over to the DITC here: as you'll get quite an impressive discount as a DITC member. 

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