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7FMS62 - Hiring Someone to Manage Your School (Part 1)
Episode 628th March 2023 • 7-Figure Music School • Daniel Patterson & Nate Shaw
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Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could take some of that workload for you.

Someone that you could trust to manage and run many of the administrative and “back office” functions of the school?

This isn’t a pipe dream. It’s doable.

What you need is a general manager for your school… and to talk about this role, we brought back Jeff Homer.

Jeff’s company owns 41 music schools and he has 30+ general managers working for him to manage schools all over the country.

In this episode, Jeff shares a WEALTH of knowledge about what his general managers do… and gives a lot of practical advice for how you can hire someone to manage the admin in your school or studio!


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