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FWIW Anatomy of a Sponsorship Deal
12th July 2022 • The Marketing Society podcast • The Marketing Society podcast
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This is the second in Unofficial Partner special series "For What It’s Worth" series in collaboration with Turnstile and is an opportunity to pick apart the reality of the sponsorship sales process on both sides of the negotiation table. 

To do this we’re pleased to welcome Celine Del Genes and Rob Grenville Jones.

Celine is Global General Manager of Specialist Sports at Adidas and Rob is Commercial Partnerships Director at the English Rugby Football Union (RFU). 

Joining us is Dan Gaunt, General Manager at Turnstile. 

This is a conversation about trust in sports sponsorship - how is this cultivated? How quickly can it be established? Ego, both personal and corporate. Intangibility - the role of gut feeling v rationality, head v heart; the role of emotion, and the under rated job of selling the deal to the board, and finally, how is a deal communicated to the general public via the media. How reliable are the prices quoted and what are the games that are played on both the buy and sell side of the equation.

The first episode in the For What It’s Worth series (UP240) featured Juliet Slot, commercial director of Arsenal and is available to download for free, in the Unofficial Partner archive

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