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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 236, 11th July 2019
Ep. 236 - Whitney Port’s Honest Look at Transitions: Motherhood, Marriage + Grief
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Ep. 236 - Whitney Port’s Honest Look at Transitions: Motherhood, Marriage + Grief

Today we are joined by Whitney Port! You might know Whitney from “The Hills”, the MTV spin-off of Laguna Beach. “The Hills: New Beginnings” just debuted on MTV—be sure to tune in!  Since her time on the show, Whitney has built a brand and a family. Not only does she have a new podcast, With Whit, she also has a wildly popular series on her YouTube channel, Whitney Port, titled “I Love My Baby, But…”.  It gives viewers an honest look at motherhood and how it has affected her, her marriage, and everything in between.


Our conversation begins with Whitney’s first year of motherhood. She shares her emotional and physical battle with breastfeeding, and developing mastitis three times. We look at her changes in routine, health, and time spent with her husband, Timmy. We love the beautiful honesty between them—such as discussing fears over having multiple kids. Whitney also opens up about the hardest year of her life, 2013, when her father passed away from cancer. She opens up about her grief, and how she copes every day. From careers to relationships, to motherhood and grief—we can’t wait to share this conversation with you.


We also talk about:

  • The importance of honesty in partnership
  • How losing her father impacted her relationship
  • Finding gratitude and silver linings in grief
  • Closing her clothing brand
  • Balancing motherhood with career
  • How reality TV influenced her path
  • Moving out of a lack mentality


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