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Trumpet Dynamics - James Newcomb 22nd November 2020
Lips Are Kind Of Important for Trumpeters, Studies Reveal.
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Lips Are Kind Of Important for Trumpeters, Studies Reveal.

Ken Robinson is the founder, face, and president of Robinson's Remedies. The lips of Robinson's Remedies is the many people who use their products to heal cold sores, relieve swelling and inflammation after a hard day on the job, and generally keep their lips in top shape to do what they love doing.

Well, maybe some of his customers don't love playing trumpet. They do it because it pays the bills.

That's okay. We won't judge. Maybe the Trumpet Dynamics podcast will bring the joy back to their weary hearts, and Ken's stuff will keep the lips fresh.

Whatever it takes to keep the music flowing like milk and honey in the promised land, right?

In my conversation with Ken, you'll hear:

-About his new album he's producing with all this time on his hands thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns...01:45

-All trumpets are actually cornets...05:30

-James' latest mishap involving The Trumpet Shall Sound...10:00

-Fixing bad habits during a long layoff from the horn...13:00

-The fascinating ingredients and physiological effects of the Lip Renew product...17:12

-Looking on the bright side w/ no gigs on the horizon...21:45

**I'm a proud affiliate of Robinson's Remedies. I hope you'll take advantage of their special sale for Black Friday, where you can get one product for free when you buy one of equal or lesser value.






Just visit their website, and tell them the Trumpet Dynamics podcast sent you over!