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Tall Can Audio - Tall Can Audio 12th February 2021
TCA Ep789: Gotta Get Down On Friday
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TCA Ep789: Gotta Get Down On Friday

It's a very special edition of the podcast as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Friday by Rebecca Black to send you in to your weekend.

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On TCA today: Matt gets busted singing weird old country songs, Schreids comments on our recent interview with Ottawa REDBLACKS Head coach Paul LaPolice, WWE wrestlers keep popping up on our show out of nowhere, huge moves across the WNBA place the league squarely in the sporting spotlight, Bell Media savagely drops 3 TSN Radio stations across Canada at great detriment to the CFL, Mill Street Brewery is tangled up with the Tragically Hip in a PR war they can't win, the Dallas Mavericks restart the old national anthem debate and so much more.