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The Storyteller Squad: Expanded Universe - 06. Crystal Corruption in the Emerald City (featuring Memester of the Week)
20th October 2023 • The Storyteller Squad • The Storyteller Squad
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When citizens of Seattle start to turn up as crystal statues, the Eastey Agency dispatch a team to investigate. Agents Mulligan Lake, Lara West, Virgil, and Echo must find whatever is responsible for these magical attacks, despite their team’s relative lack of field experience. With the Agency more in the public eye than ever, the pressure is on for all Eastey Agents to make good impressions with local communities and government officials, lest the Agency reputation pay the price. 

The Expanded Universe series is back! In this second set of crossover episodes, we’ll be sharing stories from the world of our Autumn Falls campaign, which take place after the events of Episode 60. and 61. Natalie will once again be the Keeper for our guest casts from other podcasts. These stories are loosely set within the canon timeline of our Autumn Falls campaign, but are not meant to strictly imply canon events for the other podcast series or characters. Each crossover episode can be enjoyed as a standalone piece of content. We hope you enjoy our return to this series as much as we enjoyed making it. Our beloved hunters from Autumn Falls will return with more stories for the main campaign soon. 

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“Good Pal” by Dylan Sitts

“An Introduction” by Dream Cave

“Chasing Snakes” by Martin Landstrom

“The Wedge” by Sixteen Wheelers

“Farewell Brave Friend” by Adriel Fair 

“Wild Betrayal” by Bonnie Grace

“The Great Journey” by Dream Cave

“Private Firm” by Dream Cave

“In Disguise” by Jon Bjōrk

“Misguided Path” by Bonnie Grace

“Fractal Patterns” by Bonnie Grace

“Sweet Oblivion” by David Celeste

“Halcyon Days” by David Celeste

“Every Dawn” by David Celeste

“Pressure Drop” by Max Anson

“The Quiet One” by Taomito 

“Secret Light” by Max Anson

“Capos” by Azucares

“Forbidden Dream” by Max Anson

“Mystical Tension” by Dream Cave

“The Detective” by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

“Lethal Secrets” by Chrisotter Moe Ditlevsen

“Mysterious Forest” by Howard Harper-Barnes

“A Little Nightmare” by Spectacles Wallet and Watch

“An Awful Finding” by Spectacles Wallet and Watch

“Creeping Shadows” by Max Anson

“Boost” by Dream Cave

“Follow Him” by Alan Carson-Green

“Are You Ready” by Philip Ayers

“Desperate Insurgence” by Jon Bjōrk

“With All Our Might” by Bonnie Grace

“Edgy” by Got Happy

Spartans (Indie Pop Version)” by Rolla Coasta 

“Saturday Nights Out” by The New Fools

“Bring on Any Battle” by Dream Cave

“Final Frontier” by Hampus Naeselius

“Heroica” by Eoin Mantell=

“Truce No More” by Dream Cave

“Realm of Gabriel” by Golden Anchor

“A Monsters Feelings” by Hampus Naeselius

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“Storytellers” by Francis Wells

“Hidden Enigma” by Dream Cave

“By a Thread” by Christian Andersen

“Nerve” by Dream Cave

“Intense Thrill” by Bonnie Grace

“Catching Up With Time” by Eoin Mantell

“There Are No Heroes” by Philip Ayers

“Break the Barrier” by Edgar Hopp

“Peacekeepers” by Dream Cave

“Forever to Run” by Howard Harper-Barnes

“Decisions Must Be Made” by Jon Bjōrk

“Conclusion” by Max Anson

“Hail Mary” by Edgar Hopp

“A Million Upheavals” by Edgar Hopp

“Our Last Stand” by FormantX

“Hunters” by Isaac Williams

“Those Cold Nights” by Cushy

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