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Episode 4 - Achieving Best Practice Board Performance (Cont)
Episode 42nd March 2021 • Let's Talk Governance • Grower Group Alliance
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Episode 04 - Achieving Best Practice Board Performance (Cont)

Duration: 0:39:14

0:00:00 Introduction

0:02:00 Welcome Peter

0:02:05 What is the role of the Chair?

0:09:03 GGA Ad: Find your local Grower Group

0:09:26 How do you ensure good Chair and Board -CEO and staff relationships?

0:15:20 Podcast Sponsor: CBH Group Ad

0:16:00 Why is workplace engagement important?

0:21:05 When are board committees needed and how do they report back to the Board? 

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0:26:12 Why is it important for Boards to evaluate their performance?

0:33:00 Network Question: How do small communities ensure succession in a volunteer based system that is already overloaded or burnt out?

0:38:25 Wrap-up