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The not-so-special relationship
Episode 82nd December 2020 • America Explained • Andy Gawthorpe
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The British relationship with America has long been known, at least in Britain, as "the special relationship". But the election of Joe Biden has the British political class, particularly those most committed to Brexit, nervous. After four years of frequent praise and encouragement - if not much actual concrete assistance - from Donald Trump, they worry that Biden will prove much less sympathetic to Brexit and Britain in general.

In this episode, we look beyond the personal relationship between leaders to the fundamental shared interests which have defined Anglo-American ties since World War II. British leaders shouldn't worry so much about whether Biden's Irish heritage makes him anti-British, but much more about the ways in which Brexit is permanently reducing London's usefulness to Washington. But as we explore in this episode, the myths they have told themselves about the relationship often make an honest reckoning impossible.


Host - Andy Gawthorpe

Designer/advisor - Janice Killion

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