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272: Allen Scott – From Pornography Addiction to Redemption
Episode 27212th April 2024 • 40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. • Rick Clemons
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We all make mistakes. For some of us those mistakes are harder than others to live with, especially when that mistake will follow us for life. From his own sexual abuse at a young age, to his porn addiction, to being arrested and having to now carry the weight of being a registered offender, Allen Scott is healing and growing into the man he is meant to be - a gay man with a past that isn't getting to hold him back. This is a powerful conversation about pornography, sexual abuse and may be disturbing to listen to but I'm inviting my listeners to have an open mind and realize forgiveness is the way.

About Allen Scott

Allen Scott is an average guy on a continuous journey of self-discovery. He comes from a military family and, while growing up, he lived in Europe and the US. He is a graduate of the University of West Florida and remains an avid patron of the fine and performing arts. After joining the military as an adult, he expanded his world travels to Asia and the Middle East.
Allen realized at a very young age that he is gay. It remained a closely guarded secret until high school, which fostered a great deal of internalized homophobia. After coming out, his newly revealed sexual orientation was anything but liberating and caused a huge rift in his family. Although he began to explore this part of himself during high school, his years in college are when he truly accepted himself as a gay man.
Unfortunately, due to circumstances stemming from an early exposure to pornography, which later developed into an addiction, he eventually found himself ensnared in a web of very serious legal ramifications. While he acknowledges he cannot change his actions and has accepted responsibility for them, he experiences remorse every day and regrets the harm it caused to all affected.
Allen's experiences with pornography addiction and the associated legal ramifications have compelled him to become an advocate for others. He has been through several treatment programs which have given him hope for the possibility of bridging the gap between others like him and the society which seeks to remove them to the periphery.
Going through life as a middle-aged gay man can be difficult enough in itself. Adding the layer of having any sort of criminal record only complicates it that much more. Allen's overall message to other gay men in similar situations is to keep trying. There will be days when giving up will seem like the best choice. However, the best thing you can do is get up every day and do what you can, when you can, and the best you can.
Currently, Allen is writing his own book called Shattered to Whole Again: My Journey from Pornography Addiction to Redemption. He plans to use his experiences as a platform for engagements which may include public speaking, writing, lobbying, advocacy, and peer support.

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