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Quantum Coffee with Joe Hawley Podcast - Joe Hawley EPISODE 46, 21st June 2021
Scotty Stoughton || The Healing Power of Nature
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Scotty Stoughton || The Healing Power of Nature

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Originally from the coast of New Jersey, Scotty has made a home in the mountains near Vail Colorado for over 17 years.  Surfing took Stoughton around the globe from Fiji to Kauai but the clean outdoor healthy lifestyle grounded him near the Colorado River.  With over 20 years of surfing experience to draw from, Scotty continued to search for a Colorado water sport that matched the excitement and freedom of wave riding.

In this episode, Scotty and I dive into the power of nature and its ability to bring us back to presence and stillness. We also cover the importance of empathy and cultivating an ability to understand and find truth in differing perspectives.

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