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PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE - Kelly Mitchell EPISODE 9, 12th May 2021
My New Wyatt Earp: Deece Casillas

My New Wyatt Earp: Deece Casillas

S1: E9: Political & WTF Week | Wyatt Earp of Spokane; Deece Casillas


Deece Casillas: comedian, writer, and politician joins us on the show to discuss his journey and the hot mess of life.

Special Guest

Deece Casillas - Accomplished comedian, writer, podcaster, and politician in the Spokane community.

Time Stamps


[02:02-Meet Deece]

[32:00 - Outro]

Key Takeaways

*All moms say ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’

*Deece for Mayor - he is the Wyatt Earp of Spokane

*Writers are cheap whores

*Narcissism and politics run deep

*Laugh more - it’s just life

*Reward and shout out for anyone that finds the book Insomniac by Deece

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Reference Links


[Socialhourpod.com] & website



[Deece website]

[Deece youtube]

[Snow Dogs] - movie

[Tombstone] - movie


Next Time...

Next Thursday we have special guest and TedX speaker AJ Laffredo discussing embarrassing situations to voluntarily put yourself into to get rid of fear.