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Episode 49: Practical Tips For Coping With Grief and What To Do When You're Overwhelmed With Grieving Emotions
7th September 2021 • Your Biggest Breakthrough • Wendie Pett, ND and Todd Isberner
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Are you over it? The 'it's' in your life that have caused grief. Maybe your 'it' was trauma or obstacles you've had to overcome, a past relationship or a friend that has departed your life. Are you over it?

Generally it's about loss, the loss of a job, a marriage, a loved one. Would you say that you have been able to recover from the grief of a loss in your life?

What happens if you think you're over that loss but then a trigger pops up and quickly reminds you of that grief? Todd and Wendie recently experienced that little trigger with the loss of their sweet family dog, Kodie. Kodie was 14 and a half years old and lived such a great life but finally, it was her time to go. The loss of Kodie triggered a different level of grief for the family and on previous losses.

It was an opportunity to go deeper on that grief healing. Today, we talk about loss, grief and the feeling of continued loss that many of us experience throughout our lives.

In this conversation, you'll discover...

-How grief has recently struck Wendie and Todd and what's come up from that grief...02:30

-What the bible says about grief...04:30

  • John 11

-What Kodie's death triggered for Todd and Wendie...08:35

-The good that comes from our grief...10:00

-How to breakthrough to a new level of healing from your grief...12:00

-Why it's okay to express righteous anger...15:10

-The importance of crying it out and NOT self medicating...16:00

-The best way to support someone who's experiencing grief...17:00

-Best things to do to help relieve your grief...17:45

-Previous Your Biggest Breakthrough Episodes that might help you heal...19:30

  • Your Biggest Breakthrough, Episode 16

-What we can learn about Jesus's grief and how to turn outward...20:15

  • 2 Corinthians
  • Psalm 34:18

In Loving Memory of Kodie

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