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Shannon Parsons the Secret Weapon on Expert Talk 9@9
Episode 269th September 2021 • Expert Talk with TGo • Theresa Goss
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Shannon is a former Transformational Coach & Facilitator and has partnered with some of the largest organizations in the world as a Speaker, Facilitator, and Trainer to Executives, Entrepreneurs and Business Organizations who need to level up their expertise.

Most recently, Shannon launched Secret Knock Women, an event dedicated to

focus on true women's empowerment and positive growth.

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Hey, everybody, you know where you are. The 9@9 With me TGo and today, you know how I love to do. I love to bring experts to bring great information that helps you get a little bit further down the road a little bit faster, and today is no different. You're going to love this. We actually call her the secret weapon and you're about to find out why today.

We got Shannon Parsons in the room. Shannon, are You out there? Hey, I'm right here. Welcome To the show. I've been trying to get you here for a little while. I'm so excited that you're here. Ya! Thank you. I'm really excited To do this. We've got only nine minutes. We've got only nine minutes and now we've got like eight minutes and 43 seconds and I'm still talking.

Okay. So let's get into this. Let's get into this. I want to know why they call you the secret weapon. Why, what do you do? Well, I just handle things, right? Everybody needs somebody. That's going to handle things like, Hey, I need this or I need this to happen, or I need this connection, whatever it is,

things just have a tendency to get thrown at me or towards me. And I just take care of it and it gets done. And then everybody can celebrate, have a good time. And I make it look easy. So you make it look very easy, but you're not just doing this for just anybody. I mean, you worked with Greg Reid for years,

you know, and you're handling, like Secret Knock, which is one of the most exclusive events on the planet that you're handling. And you're handling it with grace and style and, and people are coming at you like my crazy, butt you know what I'm saying? What is this? And how do we do that? And what do we do over here?

And you go calm down. I got this. Let's just handle it and move forward. How did you get into this? Have you always just been super organized or it hasn't been a plan for you to be the secret weapon? You know, it's a combination of working hard and then taking advantage of the opportunities that come to you. So by nature,

I'm a Virgo. So I am very detail oriented. I love supporting the vision of people whose mission really aligns with mine. So when I met Greg and I started working for Secret Knock, it was easy to say yes, a lot of the stuff I'd never done before, but I just figured it out. You know, if you want something, if you want to do something,

you'll figure it out. There's enough people and enough resources out there. And I tell this to my kids. You don't need to know everything, just know who to ask. So it just kind of came together. I have so much fun with Greg. I don't feel like I'm working. We're just making connections every day. And he will literally start text messages and phone calls with me saying,

Shannon. I just found your new best friend and he's always right, because we bring in the coolest people from around the world. So while I'm technically working, it never feels like work. And what's you're saying is so true. Cause we just did, you know, Prosperity Camp. And it was a room, a house full of best friends, you know,

from all walks of life, no one was untouchable, no one, you know, was walking around going, oh no, I don't have time for that. Nobody felt like, oh, I shouldn't be here. Everybody felt welcomed. And, and everybody was like, I want to share. And I want to care. And, and Greg and you were come over here,

meet this person, talk to that person. Have you met TGo TGo? Have you met that person by the end of the three days that we were there? We were all best friends. I mean, we wrapped it up at the beach and we're all hanging out. You guys were playing with the Frisbees and tossing beanbags and walking out and water. It,

it was fantastic. We really do become a community and a family. And it's all because of, you know, the family that you have built, that Greg has built around him and you fuel the fire. I want to thank you for doing that. Oh, thank you. You know, it's, it's so fun to be able to create a community and to create a space where people can come together.

And it's so funny that you mentioned the part about people feeling like they didn't belong there because people will say to me, oh, I didn't apply for Secret Knock before I didn't apply to Prosperity Camp before, because I thought I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready in my business or life was happening. And for some reason they talked themselves out of it. But then when they come,

they go, what was I waiting for? It's such all-inclusive space. If you're a cool person, if you, if you really want to help other succeed, if you want to make those connections and really make sure that everybody is getting more than they need, then you're in the right place. And then the rest of it fills out. Exactly. And, and I truly believe,

I mean, I didn't come in with a chip on my shoulder, but something tells me if you come into Secret Knock or Prosperity Camp, or even, you know, Secret Knock Women with a chip on your shoulder, you're going to quickly drop that chip off your shoulder because you're going to find out that it's just not going to work there. You know,

you, you want to be one of the kids in the sand trap right now. You want to play and, and learn and connect. And that's what it's all about. So we got together. You were nice enough to stop your busy day and say, yep, I'll come on and do this 9@9 really quick, because Secret Knock is coming up like really,

really, really soon it's coming up and I actually get to be there. I actually get to interview people and be on stage. And I'm so excited. I'm driving my team crazy. I'm driving my business partner. I'm driving my family crazy. If I say the word secret, one more time. I think my dogs are going to walk out on me.

I'm so excited about it. And I haven't even seen it yet in my mind, I've already done it. You know, what made you guys decide to create this event? What's it all about? You know Greg actually created this event over 14 years ago. And it was just one of those things where he knew all these really cool people and he and his wife at the time thought,

Hey, why don't we just invite some friends over to come hang out, meet our cool people and then see what kind of collaborations can develop from there. And then they started joking about, yeah, you can only come in if you know the Secret Knock. And then the rest is history. He hasn't advertised, it's all word of mouth. We get written up in Yahoo and Forbes and Inc and entrepreneur magazines as an incredible event that you must attend.

And because of the reputation that he's built over all these years, it is continued to be a success. I've been doing it with him for three years and my life has changed so dramatically. It's unrecognizable and a lot more fun. You know, if it's not sold out, I'm sure it's close to being sold out, but there's another one coming, you know,

I think it's done twice a year if I'm not mistaken and there's another one coming. So if you're out there, I'm talking to you and you think you're not ready. Get ready. Okay. If you can't go to this one, go to the next one. Because if you want to come, I'm telling you right now. I said, this with Kelly.

If they do Secret Knock every month, I'm getting my overnight bag. I'm driving to San Diego every month. You do not want to miss Secret Knock. It's just that important. You're going to meet people that you dream about, make your dream 100 list. And half of these people are in that room and they're not behind a velvet rope where you can't touch them.

Or you got to go take a picture with the cutout, you know, and say, I was here with them. They're actual people that you can talk to that you can sit down with that you can have a conversation with that will actually not just sign your autograph, but listen to your story. Where do you get to do that anywhere else? You know,

nowhere else. Yeah. It's an amazing thing. But then on top of that coming up really soon, right? Like soon soon, Secret Knock Women wasn't what's that about? Secret Knock Women is the women's version of Secret Knock. I like to say it's just like Secret Knock, but way more fun. So imagine all of the cool speakers, all of the great connections,

but as women, we show up a little bit differently when we're just in our own tribe together. And it's really about collaboration and having really cool, strong men support us and want to see us succeed. And it creates this really cool momentum, this flow of amazing connections. And it's just like what you said right around the corner. Yeah, it's right around the corner.

So I know people may be listening to this and not watching it. So if they want to find out more information of about Secret Knock, they go to a Right? Correct. Okay. And then if they want to know information about Secret Knock women, they go to Secret Knock women, You know what?

This was the fastest nine minutes ever. You're going to always be our secret weapon. We've got stuff coming up that we're going to be doing together. You're stuck with me. You're never getting rid of me. And I just love everything that you do and everything that you're about to do, because you got some really cool things down the road that people have no idea.

Oh, here it comes. Here it comes. And plus you're a supermom and we didn't get to touch on that yet. You got to come back and do a full interview. Shannon, you are the best... See what I mean just rude, just rude. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I hope you'll come back next time. Find out more information about Secret Knock at find out about Secret Knock Women at

and as always I'm TGo and I'll talk to ya next time.