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Chapter 3. The Worlds Greatest Case-Study
Episode 311th May 2020 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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It's quite apt (bearing in mind the name of the podcast) that this episode is the first one we have recorded under lockdown conditions.

And after a few technical issues, you know the kind of thing - zoom settings, microphone positioning, headphone monitoring, putting my tooth in, it all went rather well.

It's a little hard to describe Chapter Three in just a few words as we managed to distract ourselves quite a bit whilst we were talking. So although it might meander (and I can't guarantee I answered as many questions as Ant asked) it should hopefully entertain.

Thanks for all of your feedback so far, some of which we talked about in this episode, and please keep it coming. All the links you need are below...

Stay safe,


P.S the latin for Wisteria isn't exactly humungous multiflora but you get the idea...

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