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Change Your Approach, Reclaim Your Power
Episode 6330th November 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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As the holiday season approaches, things are going to get harder for some of you. But Mark is back this week to EMPOWER you and give YOU the tools you need to put yourself in the strongest position possible. Want more confidence and freedom in your life? You need to CHANGE your approach and RECLAIM your power. YOU are responsible for change, so it’s time to own your sh*t. In today’s episode, learn how to find where your biggest area of strength lies and use it to your advantage in your marriage. Mark gets real on topics such as the best thing to do during a toxic text argument (hint: DON’T engage with them), how to create STRONG power statements, dealing with a narcissist, setting boundaries, manipulation, the EGO, and more. 

“The only thing you can own, or control is YOU. Nothing more,

nothing less. It’s just YOU.”

- Mark Santiago

In This Episode: 

- Discover what a power triangle is and how to use it to set effective power statements in a toxic conversation.

- Mark recounts how to communicate like a leader WITHOUT losing your sh*t, listen to a full episode on it here:

- One of the biggest false-positives Mark sees and how to tell if it’s affecting you in your marriage.

- How her behaviors might be manipulating you and how to spot them, learn more here:

- Why you NEVER need to engage in toxic text arguments and how NOTHING good will ever come of them. More on that here:

- The concept of the “neutral woman” and how to use it to communicate with your wife/ex-wife.

- Discover some examples of boundaries you can set with your wife that will make you feel EMPOWERED.

- Why the language you use in communication could be setting you up for failure, and how to change it.

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