Management Training: Learning How To Manage Managers
Episode 6410th March 2022 • The New CISO • Steve Moore
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On this episode of The New CISO podcast, Jeremy Sneeden joins Steve to chat about needing management training to learn how to manage others, advocate for his team, and quantify risks. As someone with a technical background, Jeremy had to learn a whole new set of skills for his managerial role at Allina Health. He talks about how the “focus funnel” approach for his new team helped save time and money, as well as how he removes obstacles so his team can do their job. Now the Director of Operations and Engineering, Jeremy coordinates with other managers to ensure the different organizational groups are up and running. While he excels in his position, he believes in continuing to learn and support others.  

Listen to Steve and Jeremy discuss management training:

Jeremy’s Background (1:47)

Jeremy chats about his current position as the Director of Operations and Engineering at Allina Health. Originally a technician, Jeremy still views himself as a security engineer, despite now being in management.

Management Training (6:35)

When asked to be a manager, Jeremy was terrified. He had to learn a new set of skills on his own. He advocates for better training for managers, as well as finding a philosophy that fits your style.

Tools for Your Team (10:30)

A great manager removes obstacles for their team. Jeremy discusses how his job is helping his people do their job, particularly in obtaining the right tools so that they can do so.

Talking Money and Partnerships (14:45)

Oftentimes, Jeremy needs to pitch higher-ups on a new tool or equipment. In order to gain approval, he recommends talking in specific dollars and cents. Additionally, he pairs up with other infrastructure groups who want the same things as he does. Together, they ask for additional money or tools for their teams.

Knowing Your Numbers and Team (19:10)

Know your assets—and their costs. When quantifying security risks, Jeremy had to understand the business better, as well as how important those assets are in dollars and cents.

The Focus Funnel (25:12)

After three years of managing, Jeremy became director. In charge of IT Asset Management, he sat down with his new team to examine their current tasks. If the task could be automated, they started that process. While it took time and upfront money, they saved hours and millions of dollars in the long-term.

Embracing the Fear (34:01)

A great manager pays attention, genuinely cares, take care of their people. They handle tasks that go unnoticed such as dealing with angry customers to advocating for your promotion. Jeremy believes that a great manager is also willing to get uncomfortable—or even scared—in order to grow and do what’s best for the team.

Manger of Managers (40:30)

As someone who manages other managers, Jeremy has learned when to get involved and when to back off. He has adapted to letting go of certain tasks and oversights, with the help of communication.

The CISO in Training (45:44)

Being a CISO-in-training to Jeremy means listening to his mentors, and continuing to learn and take care of his employees.



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