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A Deep Dive into Behavioral Support with Dr. David Kuhn
Episode 2723rd February 2021 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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I learned a lot about myself when Jack was a baby.  One of the most obvious things I learned is that I’m a “why” person.  I want to know the reason for stuff.  I want to know the “why.”  We worked on coming to midline, deliberately reaching away from midline, and crossing midline.  Sure, I would have done it, because the therapists said to, but I really needed to know why.  Why are we working on this skill?  What does this do to help Jack?  What’s going on in his brain or body that makes this so hard for him?  Why?  


This is why I immediately “clicked” with Dr. David Kuhn when introduced to him.  In our first conversation, David and I talked about Functional Behavior Assessments and ABC (antecedent-behavior-consequence) data.  He wasn’t two sentences into the discussion when he geeked out about the need to tweak consequences in order to zero in on the function of any particular behavior.  David was speaking my language.  If we don’t test our hypothesis by manipulating that consequence, how would we know if we have hit the “why?”  


In today’s episode Dr. Kuhn and I talk about this topic.  He explains the need to manipulate the consequences of behavior to test a hypothesis before writing a plan to support the behavior.  He takes behavior down to the science of testing the hypothesis, which makes it so simple.  


I invited David onto the podcast to talk about this particular issue, but as is usually the case, we came up with a much more broad conversation about FBAs, BIPs, and generally supporting children with behavioral needs at school and in their communities.  Of course, this must start with a very thorough analysis of the behaviors.  


David Kuhn is one of the good ones.  His incredible credentials and experience are fueled by a lifelong appreciation of and passion for helping people with disabilities.  No wonder he’s so smart!  


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