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#034: Rebranding: A Candid Conversation
Episode 3429th August 2022 • Talking Small Business • Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin
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We're so excited about today's episode! We are going to talk about rebranding for your business and specifically, how to know when it is time to approach a rebrand in your business. Our goal for today's episode is to help you make a decision about whether or not the investment, time and the emotional energy is worth it right now for your season of business. Kat recently rebranded, so we're going to talk about her decision, as well as some other general tips! We hope this episode encourages you through your rebranding decisions! 

What we’re discussing today:

  • Why Kat decided to rebrand
  • How it felt rebranding after 8 years of business
  • Kat's approach to rebranding
  • How to choose who you work with in this process
  • Why being put on her designer's waitlist was a great move
  • How to approach your rebranding budget
  • Kat's feelings now that it's over
  • What Kat loves about her new brand!


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