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Why Art Is Important: According to the 2021 Not Real Art Grant Applicants
Episode 1336th July 2021 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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Today’s show is all about why art is important. If you’re listening to this podcast, you probably believe, as we do, that art, creativity, and artists are essential to making this world a better and more interesting place. Because art is subjective, why art is important differs according to personal opinion. That is why today’s episode includes the voices of 18 different artists, who each share their thoughts on why we need art in our lives. Who are these 18 artists, you ask? Well, many of you know that we have an artist’s grant in partnership with Art Share L.A., the Not Real Art Grant. We have awarded $2,000 to six artists annually for the last three years and, in 2021, we saw a 485 percent increase in applications. That means 827 artists applied! This episode is dedicated to 18 of those applicants, who left audio messages about why they believe art matters. Tune in to hear their perspectives.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Noa from Toronto believes that art is important because life would be boring otherwise.
  • Sienna Castro from New Orleans believes art is akin to a vital need like food; it sustains us.
  • Find out why Ana Rendich believes art helps us see the unlimited power of the human mind.
  • Liesel believes that it’s impossible to differentiate life from art, because art is life is art.
  • After seeing an amazing art installation, Alex Butler shares why she believes we need artists to make life less shitty.
  • Why Fossa Luisuno from LA believes the quest to create is driven by higher consciousness.
  • Amy McCormick is fed by art in the same way she is fed by nature; she can’t live without it.
  • XXX, a printmaker from Salem, Oregon, uses art to reach out and touch the minds of others.
  • Courtney Lamb from LA sees art as a reminder that we are currently experiencing life.
  • Jay Soreseen from South Florida explains how the things that make us human are easier to understand because of art.
  • Debõrah Hughes from Atlanta views art as her therapy, her outlet, and her legacy.
  • Kim Kine from LA believes art is a language that can communicate with all people.

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