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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 73, 16th May 2021
Ep 73: Reclaim Your Athleticism with Zach Kayne
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Ep 73: Reclaim Your Athleticism with Zach Kayne

On the show this week, I have Zach Kayne, a good friend and former college teammate of mine, and also former Chicago White Sox player. Zach currently trains with Rebel Performance on our new training team that was launched this month. He is a dedicated, hardworking and competitive human who knows results and success do not come easy.

We dive into today’s episode by giving a background on who Zach is and where his athletic journey has led him. Zach’s whole life consisted of sports, competitions, having teammates, etc., so he always used sports training as an outlet. Zach was born with natural athletic abilities; however, he did not have that natural strength ability, which meant he had to put in the extra work to get where he is today. Zach unpacks the challenges he faced in searching for a new training outlet as he transitioned from playing ball every day to working in the real world from 9-5. Whether you played sports in high school, college or professionally, most people can relate to the mental and physical obstacles you face when transitioning out of your sports career.

Listen in as Zach shares what the process was like in reclaiming his athleticism as he gives insight on his experience training with Rebel Performance. We talk all things progress, personal records, growing functional strength, and maintaining athletic ability. To close us out, Zach gives his parting advice on the hard work and dedication that goes into training with the Rebel Performance team while expressing how rewarding the results are.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:59] An introduction to Zach Kayne
  • [10:12] Zach’s transition from playing sports to “entering the real world”
  • [15:05] A look into Zach’s numbers training with Rebel Performance
  • [19:30] Growing functional strength and increasing athletic ability
  • [22:00] Differences in working with Rebel Performance versus other training outlets
  • [24:45] Satan’s Beep Test
  • [25:55] Zach’s closing piece of advice


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