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70. The Fear of Getting Off Birth Control
Episode 708th February 2021 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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There are so many reasons why women could be choosing to get off of birth control, but with that decision comes a lot of fear around the possible side effects on your body. On top of that, we’re prescribing the pill earlier and earlier in an effort to mask or get rid of challenging period symptoms. So when we get off the pill, are all of those symptoms going to come back? How your body reacts to this change is going to vary, but I’m going to break down how you can prepare for whatever happens with your body.

We Chat About:

  • The myth of birth control regulating your period
  • Rebalancing your body after birth control
  • Tests you can take to get a clear picture
  • What to expect when you get off the pill


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