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The Walls Have Eyes
Episode 217th September 2021 • Branch 251 • 75 Podcasts
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In this episode, we’ll be talking about how power, security and fear interrelate and co-produce militarized cityscapes, or security cities. In particular, we will talk about Syria, the kingdom of silence, where walls have ears, and buildings have eyes, and everyone looks around them before talking. Cities where everyone is being watched and considered as a threat to be eliminated if they tried to speak up and reclaim their rights against those in power.

This episode was written by Naya Skaf, with editorial help from Fritz Streiff and Saleem Salameh.

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Cities Under Siege by Stephen Graham

Fearscapes: Urban Space and the Landscapes of Fear

VDC (Violations Documentation Center) Report on the Al-Khatib Branch

ECCHR trial reports

Syria Justice and Accountability Centre's monitoring of the trial

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