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S3E40: The 'Open Letter' Template - #30DPETC Day #30
Episode 13120th August 2022 • Crash Course in Podcasting • Deadset Podcasting | @deadsetpod
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Topic = In Today's episode Josh shares an Open Letter to the Podcasting Space.


Dear Podcasters, if you’re bulk recording interviews with guests prior to your show’s launch - please actually launch the show and put those episodes out. (And if you decide not to launch, or simply the launch is delayed, please let your guest know what is happening).

Guests across the spectrum are becoming more and more reluctant to give their time to New Podcasts (regardless of the creators history in the medium) due to having so much of their own time wasted in the past - guesting on shows that never came out.

I myself was part of a local government Arts project in mid-2021 that took around 3 months to complete and deliver. The project has only recently been made available on the local council website and still isn’t available as a traditional podcast (as at August 19th 2022). The same way that I may have played a part in discrediting Podcasting, locally (within the arts community), your show not releasing Podcast interviews (and keeping your guests in the dark as to why) may be discrediting Podcasting, globally.

So again, please launch your show with fewer interviews in the can, and focus on growing your skills, growing your audience, and delivering better and better interviews over time.

Your Guests, Your Audience and Your Fellow Podcasters will thank you.

All the Best.


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