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Rebel Performance Radio - Rebel Performance EPISODE 62, 21st February 2021
Ep 62: How to Build a Thriving Fitness Business with Michael Keeler
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Ep 62: How to Build a Thriving Fitness Business with Michael Keeler

On the show today I have Michael Keeler, Owner and Coach at Business for Unicorns, “a safe space for entrepreneurs and small business owners to challenge the limits of their mindset and skill set with courses designed to create next-level growth in their business.” Michael is also the Co-Founder of Mark Fisher Fitness, which has earned a reputation as being “the Broadway community’s fitness home of choice”. 

This episode is for those coaches, trainers, and gym owners who are interested in building a business, serving more clients, or creating better services. Michael and I talk all things community and culture as well as marketing and sales for those in the fitness industry. The primary goal of any gym owner or coach is to have a steady supply of returning clients, and it all comes down to cultivating an irresistible environment. This starts with people

“What also matters," says Michael, “just as much as getting results, is getting clients who want to come back; who want to show up; who like being there; who enjoy the people around them; who feel like it’s a safe space or a brave space where they can challenge themselves and look stupid and have that be okay; and try something new without fear of judgement. All of that is culture. That’s community.”

Listen in as Michael explains how great culture closes the gap between one’s potential and acting on that potential, why great community and culture comes from thinking about your relationship with your clients as a dance, how to apply feedback to improve your marketing efforts as well as the culture itself, how businesses in the fitness industry can thrive online, and why becoming a better conversationalist leads to better sales.

 What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [02:55] An introduction to Michael, Business for Unicorns, and Mark Fisher Fitness
  • [05:12] Building community and culture in a gym
  • [08:22] How Mark Fisher Fitness set the stage for a healthy community and culture from the start
  • [16:52] Feedback as a growth tool for the business
  • [21:10] Adapting Mark Fisher Fitness to the online world
  • [27:00] Creating an intimate connection with your clients that will keep them coming back
  • [29:50] Sales and marketing tips for coaches 


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