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BJGP Interviews - The British Journal of General Practice EPISODE 34, 29th June 2021
Supporting patients to discontinue benzodiazepines
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Supporting patients to discontinue benzodiazepines

In this episode we have two guests from Australia. We have Erin Oldenhof who is a doctor of psychology (clinical) candidate, at the School of Psychology, Deakin University, Geelong and a benzodiazepine counsellor in Melbourne. We are also joined by Dr Petra Staiger who is an associate professor, School of Psychology, Deakin University.

Paper: Role of the prescriber in supporting patients to discontinue benzodiazepines: a qualitative study


The introduction of prescription monitoring programmes (PMPs) has highlighted the need for increased support and guidance to ensure GPs improve on current deprescribing practice. This study revealed the importance of GPs understanding how to empower patients through patient-centred care, to foster a willingness to try reducing, build motivation, and promote confidence in the patients’ ability to reduce. By understanding the patient experience with their prescriber involved in long-term BZD use, this study advances current knowledge of the ‘patient-centredness’ of deprescribing interventions and offers GPs clearer guidance on how to deliver these strategies effectively.