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Making CITA Your Student's High School Option
Episode 423rd August 2023 • The Inside Scoop • Cobb County School District
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Dr. Tiffany Barney, Director

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  • [00:40] Who is Dr. Barney?
  • [01:39] What's in the CITA name?
  • [02:29] Is CITA a MAGNET School?
  • [03:12] Classrooms vs Labs
  • [04:15] How did CITA work during the pandemic?
  • [05:15] Still new, but already seeing successes!
  • [06:01] Different from the old Vo-Tech classes
  • [07:29] Finding your path in life
  • [08:24] Potentially life-impacting program
  • [09:16] Pathways available
  • [10:06] Certifications can pay off!
  • [11:47] How to learn more and apply
  • [12:44] Final words of encouragement

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Originally Broadcast: Fall of 2022

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