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34. Slow Living, Personal Growth, and the Power of Plants with Alyson Morgan
Episode 3419th March 2021 • The Good Dirt: Sustainable Living Explained • Lady Farmer
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Alyson Morgan (@alysonsimplygrows)  is an environmentalist, gardener, artist and photographer, as well as a slow living advocate and mother. Through this conversation, Alyson gives us a glimpse of conscious living through her lens, the realities of juggling a creative business and motherhood, the desire for activism alongside the need for slowing down and being present, and the power of plants in everyday life.  Through her beautiful photography and her writing, along with the flower essences she creates for Earth Star Herbals, Alyson offers her gifts of healing to her audience and the world. 

1:20 - Mary and Emma talk about the seasonal transition

Let’s get into the interview!

5:34 - Alyson introduces herself

8:40 - How did Alyson get into herbalism

18:00 - Plant allies and personal growth

22:00 - What is a flower essence?

29:00 - Rest and Productivity

33:40 - Living by the moon

40:40 - Balancing slow living and motherhood with COVID

45:00 - What does Good Dirt mean to you?

Things Mentioned:

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