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6 - Introducing: Romy Bassi
Episode 61st August 2017 • The Bhangra Podcast • Umer Qureshi
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Hey on this episode we talk to Romy Bassi, a dancer and competition organizer for the past 11 years. Our discussion with Romy focuses:

-Competition Organizing - #bhangracompetitions

-VIBC - ay #vancouver

-Duniya All Stars - eh #folk

-OMG Why Am I in DC? #suspense #dc

[0:00] Ride Wit Me X Look Lak by JANIBOI

[1:11] Romy’s introduction into the Bhangra circuit

[4:20] Duniya All Stars at Notorious Bhangra 2012

[7:11] First joining a team in 2006

[8:53] Starting to take on more of an organizer role at VIBC

[10:04] Taking over liaison duties for UNC after the original liaison broke her ankle

[11:41] Joining Jawani Bhangra and meeting her husband JSK, Jasmeet Singh Kapoor, at Bruin 2011

[14:22] A Bhangra Wedding

[16:43] JSK and Romy Wedding Performance Collab

[18:25] The topics that Romy wants to cover in the podcast

[23:40] VIBC and its Punjabi community influence on the festival

[26:11] Get in touch with Romy!

Romy’s Facebook -

Romy’s Instagram - @romesauce

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