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Improve Creativity, Learning & Flow with Neurostimulation - Dr. Balder Onarheim - 11
Episode 1117th February 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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The narrative around creativity is drastically changing. Creative thinking is now being called the #1 most important skill set that you can learn to cultivate for thriving in these uncertain times. 

In this episode, Laura Dawn speaks with Dr. Balder Onarheim who has a Ph.D. in the neuroscience of creativity and is the founder of PlatoScience (the developer of a neurostimulation head device called Plato Work) about the importance of training your mind to think more creatively. 

We explore how you can learn to draw upon a variety of tools that all share similar neurological underpinnings that specifically support and enhance neuroplasticity, like cognitive practices that you can learn, with technological tools like neurostimulation, and even biotechnologies like psychedelics (and microdosing), all to help you learn more quickly, think more creatively, and concentrate more effectively. 

  • The “creativity battle”: making it more known that creativity is a cognitive skill that everyone needs. Creativity is at the core of humanity, not just some funny “arts” topic.
  • When you understand the underlying neural mechanisms that both prevent and support creative thinking, you improve your ability to train your brain to think more creatively. 
  • Balder says “If you don’t understand it, then you can’t improve it.”
  • Tips for cultivating enhancing creative problem-solving in groups.
  • Convergent versus divergent thinking
  • Cognitive tools and tiny interventions you can do all the time, to make your brain less rigid and more flexible. 
  • Sleep as a method for enhancing creative thinking
  • Balder’s thoughts on the Default Mode Network, psychedelic research, and creativity 
  • The history behind neurostimulation, how it’s over 3000 years old, and how the Egyptians used torpedo fish as electroshock therapy to treat migraines.




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