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All Bark No Dice - The Fandomentals EPISODE 5, 22nd February 2021
Episode 5: Psychic Twitter Damage w/ Alison Huang
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Episode 5: Psychic Twitter Damage w/ Alison Huang

We're back with another contributor to Candlekeep Mysteries: Alison Huang. A writer and game designer currently living in Melbourne, Alison was a contributor to Uncaged Anthology Vol. 1 as well as the author of Then Came The Rain (both available on the DM's Guild) as well as multiple indie titles on her itch.io page. She also is an instructor for the RPG Writer's Workshop and a contributor to MCDM.

Follow Alison on Twitter: @Drazillion https://twitter.com/drazillion?lang=en


itch.io: https://drazillion.itch.io/

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