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Lessons From a Female in a Male Dominated Industry With Ieshea Hollins
Episode 422nd November 2022 • First To Arrive, Last to Leave • Erin Gregor & Courtney Radloff
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Starting and building a business is hard enough, but as a woman, sometimes it can feel like the odds are stacked against you.

In this episode of First To Arrive, Last To Leave, Courtney and Erin are joined by Ieshea Hollins, of Direnzic. Ieshea is a Cybersecurity expert and started her company as a way to help people who may have the odds stacked against them because of cyber issues. Her main mission is to educate the world from large corporations to parents about the dangers of a forever-evolving industry.

Ieshea shares her journey of being a female in a male-driven industry in addition to some of the advice she was given about hiring males to act as the leader of her company in addition to never telling anyone she was the CEO.

She also talks about how she had to overcome contractor issues, how she had to do a complete revamp of her business to go back to the heart of her company, and the reason why she started it in the first place.

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