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1606 – The Field of Favor with The Challenge Champion’s Chris Colt
14th July 2023 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of The Challenge Champion, Chris Colt. Chris Colt, reveals how challenges can revolutionize your business. By breaking down complex ideas into manageable steps, these challenges enable participants to achieve small daily victories and breakthroughs. The outcome? A surge in confidence and motivation to continue on the path to success. Here's the intriguing part: Chris offers his challenges at a fee of $100, granting participants access to valuable frameworks and tools. But wait, there's more! He also presents a VIP option for $300, which includes personalized one-on-one sessions with him. A truly premium experience, wouldn't you agree? However, it's important to note that the success of a challenge isn't solely dependent on the size of the audience. Even with a modest participation of 10-25 individuals, high conversion rates can be achieved by targeting the right audience. Quality triumphs over quantity in this case. Chris also imparts invaluable advice on maintaining momentum and flow during and after the challenge. By eliminating unnecessary fluff and condensing content into concise bursts, he ensures that participants derive maximum value from their time. This keeps them in an active state and facilitates more efficient goal achievement.  

About Chris Colt:

Chris Colt, a visionary in community-building, is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to create missions that make a tangible difference. As the founder of The Challenge Champion™ Accelerator, he has made it his mission to transform how service-based entrepreneurs engage their clients. By turning strangers into loyal customers, Chris' unique strategies have revolutionized the traditional business model. Drawing on his 25-year sales expertise, he knows how to foster mutually beneficial relationships. He has created proprietary frameworks to facilitate better audience service, simultaneously driving sales at a faster pace. Chris' strategies embody a win-win philosophy that aligns the interests of both businesses and their customers. Inspiration for his distinctive approach to community-building comes from an unusual source – his love for endurance cycling. His experience in the sport, particularly his successful completion of the Leadville 100, one of the most challenging mountain bike races globally, has gifted him the ability to design exciting and enjoyable challenges that resonate with clients. He has translated the tenacity, discipline, and motivation required in endurance cycling into business strategies that effectively engage and retain customers.  

About The Challenge Champion:

The Challenge Champion™ Academy is a transformative platform to bolster brand authority and community engagement. It equips entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and businesses with a proven framework to run successful challenges, create a consistent stream of new clients, and build stronger audience connections. The Academy's unique approach emphasizes experiential learning over traditional methods like webinars and content downloads. Instead of being taught, the audience gets a mini-coaching experience with a taste of working directly with you. This method fosters a deeper bond and allows potential clients to witness firsthand what it's like to collaborate before investing. Moreover, the Academy helps cultivate a vibrant community by bringing together like-minded individuals eager for change. You quickly ascend as a leader in your niche, generate predictable revenue, and effortlessly enhance your credibility.  

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