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349 | Stop Acting Like The World Is Ending
Episode 3491st October 2021 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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This episode is designed to bring you hope, joy, creativity, new ideas, and a sense of belonging by debunking some very common money myths. Cayla breaks down three myths about earning and attracting money that could be holding you back. Did you know that even social media could be wreaking havoc on your money mindset? Step out of your circumstance, get out of victim mode, and attract that money! The simple fact that you are alive means that you are empowered.

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You will learn:

  • [2:10] - The media has an agenda that is causing people to walk around believing that the world is ending.
  • [3:25] - If you believe that there will be financial danger, you are a victim.
  • [4:48] - A victim says they can’t afford it or believe they are choiceless.
  • [5:50] - Instead of being nervous, work on feeling safe in your body.
  • [7:09] - The fact that you are alive means you are empowered.
  • [8:21] - Watch the things you are consuming throughout the day. Ask yourself 4 questions about everything you consume.
  • [12:50] - Another money myth is that visualization is a hoax.
  • [14:14] - After accessing the feeling of visualization, you take inspired action.
  • [16:11] - How does Cayla take the right action to launch something new?
  • [16:59] - Another money myth is that earning money is too masculine.
  • [18:10] - Find someone who embodies the proof that women can have it all.
  • [19:23] - Get out there and attract that money!

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