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Investing and Growing an 8 SaaS Company Portfolio With Sujan Patel [SDI] | #52 SaaS Podcasts
Episode 5223rd October 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Sujan is a data-driven marketer and entrepreneur & Co- Founder of Mailshake where they help people have more conversations, qualify more leads, and close more deals through Email. Sujan is also the managing partner at Ramp Ventures where he manages 8 SaaS companies including Mailshake,,, ZoomShift among several others.

As a veteran SaaS marketing leader with 15+ years’ experience, Sujan has helped hundreds of companies – from emerging startups to Fortune 500 leaders – to create growth strategies that have generated massive increases in traffic and revenue, and he also does consulting work through his SaaS marketing agency Web Profits

In his own words, when he’s not working, you can find him racing cars or motorcycles. If you look up, you may even see him jumping out of a plane.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:16 -  Sujan’s Entrepreneurial Background & Early Ventures (Going to SaaS)
  • 09:15 - An Agency vs a SaaS
  • 13:20 - Best & Worst Investment or Acquisition  So Far
  • 24:20 - Selling Off All Other Assets & Focusing On Core High Growth SaaS Deals
  • 27:49 - Volume VS Higher Upside when Investing Or Acquiring
  • 30:46 - Why Not Hiring Managers to Take Over?
  • 33:56 - The One factor For Potential Acquisition Targets
  • 38:00 - Top Ingredients To Get Other Investors Onboard a Venture
  • 44:29 - Getting The Data From The Sellers Without Scaring Them
  • 46:49 - After Acquisition, How The Growth Process Looks Like?
  • 50:15 - Sujan Top Instrumental Resources To His Success
  • 53:41 - What Does Success Means To Sujan
  • 55:23 - Get In Touch With Sujen





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