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Decoding AI's Role in Manufacturing with Eknauth Persaud
Episode 2715th April 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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Welcome to the Manufacturers Network Podcast! In this episode, our host, Lisa Ryan, is joined by Eknauth Persaud, the CEO of Ioka Systems, a renowned expert in utilizing AI for manufacturing. Eknauth offers valuable insights into the potential of AI to revolutionize decision-making in the manufacturing industry, emphasizing its role in preserving best practices and guiding newer employees. He shares real-life examples of AI's impact on processes and discusses the careful considerations and potential risks of integrating AI into manufacturing operations. The episode delves into the benefits of AI in improving quality, consistency, and employee satisfaction while also addressing the need for data protection and intellectual property security. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation about the power of AI in manufacturing and the strategic use of technology to drive efficiency and innovation.

Here are some key takeaways from our conversation:

1. AI as a Decision-Making Tool: Eknauth highlighted the missed opportunity for manufacturers to leverage AI to fill the middle ground of decision-making, emphasizing its potential to emulate the decision-making of experienced employees and offer guidance for consistent decision-making.

2. Preserving Expertise: He discussed the opportunity for manufacturers to incorporate the legacy and expertise of long-time employees into AI, guiding newer employees and preserving best practices. Eknauth shared a real-life example of using software to capture procedures and processes, guide newer employees, and evaluate performance relative to forecasts.

3. Ethical Considerations: Eknauth discussed the importance of data protection and caution when utilizing AI for generating code, underscoring the importance of preserving intellectual property and safeguarding data.

4. Sustainable Manufacturing: Host Lisa Ryan highlighted the importance of sustainability in manufacturing and the need to attract younger generations while raising concerns about misunderstandings of digital transformation among manufacturing leaders.

5. Protecting Intellectual Property: Eknauth emphasized the need to keep AI systems within the company's network to protect data and intellectual property, contrasting publicly available AI models with internally-driven AI models used in manufacturing.

The episode comprehensively explored the potential benefits and pitfalls of integrating AI into manufacturing processes. Eknauth's expert insights shed light on the transformative power of AI in guiding decision-making and optimizing processes.

If you want to explore the possibilities of AI in manufacturing or have questions, feel free to reach out to Eknauth Persaud. You can connect with him at 817-210 4042. He expressed his willingness to share his thoughts and help others navigate the integration of AI within manufacturing processes.




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