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Delivering an Experience that Builds Strong Relationships
Episode 71330th August 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Everyone wants their customers to have a good experience but being able to live up to that standard consistently and at scale is not easy. Ideally, someone will take responsibility for creating positive experiences no matter the exact requirements. In this Dial P for Procurement livestream, Kelly Barner and Scott Luton are joined by Crystal Villareal, Member Services Manager at Una, and Philip Ideson, Founder and Managing Director at Art of Procurement.

In addition to hearing directly from Crystal and Phil, wealso got solid advice from the best experience managers in the business: ourcanine colleagues. We got professional advice from Louie, Una’s VP of Snuggles, Rosalie, AOP’s Director of Canine Experience, Jasper, AOP’s SVP of Barkalytics, and Ruby and Dexter, "The Muscle" at Supply Chain Now.

During a conversation recorded as a livestream with the Supply Chain Now audience, Crystal and Phil shared their best practices for:

• How to convert your vision for customer experiences into a set of tasks and priorities that guide your daily work

• How to build on individual positive experiences over time, gradually nurturing them into a bigger relationship

• Spotting the signs that you have successfully forged a value-oriented relationship with a customer or community member

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