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Natalie Balmain - Insulin Prices, Life as a Type 1 Diabetic & Curing Diabetes - CVLTURE Episode #020
Episode 2021st July 2021 • CVLTURE • CVLTURE.TV
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Type 1 Diabetic Activist Natalie Balmain found out she had diabetes as a young adult, she's since become a spokesperson on the subject of diabetes, a designer, and a vlogger.

In this episode, Natalie gives us the lowdown on her journey finding out she had diabetes, how she dealt with the lifestyle change, creating a fashion line specifically for diabetics, and the fight for free insulin. She details how sharing her experience with others has given her strong purpose; from teaching people the art of hacking her devices to diet advice via her vlogs and posts.

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Link to the blog for hacking Diabetes equipment: (Disclaimer: This has been contributed to by people all over the world. It will be for everyone depending on what equipment you use i.e diabetes equipment, smartphone, smartwatch etc)

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