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Contemplating the "Uselessness" of AI Ethics
27th September 2022 • The Sunday Show • Tech Policy Press
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In a new paper-- "The uselessness of AI Ethics," published in the online edition of the journal AI and Ethics, Luke Munn, points to over 80 lists of AI ethical principles produced by governments, corporations, research groups and professional societies. In is paper, he expresses concern that most of these ethics statements deal in vague terms and lack any kind of actual enforcement. But in critiquing attempts at defining an ethical code for AI, he is not suggesting we let the technology develop in a technical vacuum. On the contrary, he wants us to think more deeper about the potential problems in deploying AI.

In this episode of the podcast, Mark Hansen, Director of the Brown Institute for Media Innovation and a professor at Columbia Journalism School, speaks with Munn about his ideas, which are part of a growing movement that sees the problems with AI less in purely computational terms, but instead as an area of social science.