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050: Resistance ≠ Futility (ENT "Regeneration")
Episode 507th April 2022 • Kirking Off: A Warped Star Trek Shakedown • LSG Media
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"Now hear this Now hear this. On this week's episode of Kirking Off we check in on Captain Archer and his crew who find themselves plunged into a dangerous situation involving - the Borg? That's right! Likely to bump ratings the show runners decided to bring the Borg into the Enterprise series. But does it work? You'll have to judge for yourself, but some things to consider this week: If the Enterprise crew engaged the Borg in the time of archer, wouldn't there be a record in Starfleet somewhere, and does this not undermine the amazing Next Gen episode, "Q Who?" Other important questions: Could Al Pacnio play Spock? Would the Borg use deception and stealth as a weapon? And is there any practical use - outside of opening your Dinty Moore soup - for the various Borg arm attachments? We present to you, Regeneration, from Star Trek: Enterprise."

Season 2 - Episode 23

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