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Best Books For Real Estate, Business, & Marketing Implementation by Jerome Lewis
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When it comes to professional and personal success, there are many different paths that you can take. However, one of the most common pieces of advice that you will hear is to read books. Books can provide you with new ideas, insights, and perspectives that can help you to achieve your goals. In today's video, I will be discussing seven different books that have helped me to succeed in real estate, business, and life. These books have helped me to develop new skills, overcome challenges, and achieve the results that I desire. If you are looking for some direction or inspiration, I hope that these books will provide you with the guidance that you need. Thank you for watching.


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All right. Welcome. Welcome today. We're gonna talk about some of my favorite books for life and business. In general, I'm going to talk specifically to real estate entrepreneurs, but these things matter to everyone, everyone involved, right? So. That being said, I would like to start off with one of the first books that changed my life.

Right? It's like the first book that got me reading. It's one of my favorite books and people will always say, oh my God, that book is evil. It's dark, it's negative. And I'm telling you, this is just human nature. If you can get over the fact that humans are humans and they do these things, uh, these books will change your lives.

So I would like to start off with my first author, uh, my phase fir my favorite first author. And that author is Robert. And the first book that I've like actually read and like got into and started to really appreciate it. Got me on my journey to self, self development. Personal development was this book here, 48 laws of power.

This is a great book to understand the psychology of human nature, right. Things to do what not to do. Um, and if you don't use these principles, they'll be used against you. That's a common theme in the book. It's very, it's a very good book to be aware of. I really appreciate Robert Green as a modern day author.

Next book, I would like to. Say is, and I wanna give some background. My, the reason why I like this book a lot is because I have sort of a war mind, right? They say, uh, you get war time. They, they, they call it war time, generals and peace time generals, or, you know, I was watching godfather one time and you know, they talk about like war time, Sigly air and peace time.

SIG air I'm more. War time, right? I'm more war time. I'm ready to go. I'm ready for battle. I'm ready to get stuff done. I'm an implementer. So this next book is by the same author, Robert Green. This is an excellent book for you to think about, um, how to strategize in business, right? And a good way to put it is like business is war, right?

And it's not some negative thing where you gotta be like, oh my God, you're always watching back. But this is a really good book. 30, 33 strategies award is excellent book. Uh, and the next book of course is from the same guy, my favorite author. Right. And it's from Robert Green is also a great book to understand human psychology, right?

How people date in relationships, right? The art of seduction. And even if you don't use this, like it's helpful to understand the personality type or the seduction type that you are. So the next book is the art of seduction by Robert Green. Now, those are some of the physical books. I have some physical books here.

I have some audio books. I want to go through some of the other books that I really appreciate. The next book that I would like to go through is that I would like to recommend is traction by gen WMAN and this book, I heard people talking about a constantly, constantly, constantly retraction go traction, just this.

And, uh, I finally read the book. It comes up multiple times, but here a book come up multiple times. I'll go read it. So traction by gen Wickman. It's a great book. That book talks about the different. Types of personalities and behaviors, the different roles within a business. Right. And you have it breaks it down.

Very simple. You have two roles, basically, right? You have a visionary, the visionary sees the goal. They paint the picture, right. And then you have to integrate it, integrate it. Does the work. They do the work. They help the integrator, they help the visionaries goals come to fruition. They make 'em a reality.

They make 'em practical. So that's what I am. I'm an integrator. And I be because I understand that I know who I can work well with and who I can't work well with. I'm really good at integrating. And sometimes I'll get people and they want to come integr and that's not their specialty and things get messy.

So I understand how I. and I understand how to work with other people. So Traxon is a really good book for you to understand how to run and scale your business. Next, another really good book along the same lines of entrepreneurship is the E myth by Michael Gerber. So that book talks about the difference between an entrepreneur and entrepreneur, a tech and a business owner.

Right. Most people get in business because they're good at a skill. And that means you're like a tech, right? You're technical, you're very technical, but, um, that's not how you're gonna grow a business or run a business. Right. You have to become more overall and macro. So this book is a really good book that helps you get out of that track.

Of being a technical person, just because you're good at something don't mean you should go start a business, right? Because you go start a business, you're still doing tech skills. Running a business is completely different than being skilled at something so ETH by Michael ger, Michael Gerber is an excellent book as well.

Next book I wanna recommend is along the lines of relationships and more so personal and, and romantic relationships. This book is called the five love languages by Gary Chapman. And again, I I'm really big on understanding the self. So a lot of these books are going to help you understand the self yourself internally, and that book, this book, the five love languages.

Um, even if it doesn't apply to like business per se, it's still helpful to know. So for me, It does kind of apply to business cuz I am a, I am an of service person, right? There are five love languages. You have acts of service, you have gifts, right? People that like receiving gifts, you have physical touch people that like to be touched, you have, uh, affirmations and then you have quality time.

These are times and these are, these are languages that people speak in, right? This is how they show love and receive love. I am a ex a service person and more so on my. Romantic relationships. I'm a physical touch person, right? So it's helpful to understand that because if you want to add value to me, you, you showcase that to me by doing something, some kind of service.

So the five love languages by Gary Chapman is an excellent book for you to read next book. And I actually have this one here. Next recommendation is. The richest man in Babylon. So this is a really good book and yes, it may seem old and ti, but it's a really good, simple book for you to start to understand how to manage your money, how to save money.

Right. Very, very basic stuff. But it's a really good book because it's principle base, right? You save 10%, you donate 10%. You, you, you spend 60%, whatever their numbers are, right. This book is really good for helping you understand. On a very, very basic level. The richest man in Babylon by George S Clayson.

Next book I would like to recommend is Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell mops. And the reason why I like to recommend that book is because it really helps with you with understanding that you should be working on the self, right, being confident, understanding who you are, learning, who you. Right. And believing in yourself, not a fairy believing in yourself, but realistically and practically having self confidence in how that matters in your entire life.

So psycho, psycho cybernetics to me, right. And my professional opinion, that's the foundation of just about all personal development, right? So if you're trying to grow personally, and even if you're trying to grow professionally, check out psycho cybernetics, it's an excellent book. The next book I would like to recommend is.

Tax free wealth by Tom Wheelwright. And all I can say is that book is very great for helping you understand and get an awareness of how you should be running your business to reduce taxes. Tom Wheelwright is an excellent attorney. He works with, uh, or I'm not sure if he does now, but work with rich dad, poor dad, Robert Kiosaki right.

It's a great book. So you can start to understand what should I do? Uh, for my taxes, how should I set up my business? So tax free wealth by Tom Wheelwright.

The next book I would like to recommend, I have it here, this book here. Right? So Trump style negotiation. And just so you can see it. It's not by Donald Trump cuz I know a lot of people get, oh my God, I don't like that guy. He's so offensive. Right. This is a great book by George Ross. Right. And there's another negotiation book that people like to, oh my God.

I'm sure it's a great book. This book right here. This is about business negotiation, right? So this is an excellent book for you to understand how to get an advantage. And make win-win deals for everyone involved. So one thing that really stood out to me in this book was phone negotiations, right? This was an excellent book to help you understand how to position yourself and get an advantage.

So you can set. Things up. So the, the deals can be win-win for everyone involved. Right? So a lot of people think negotiation is all about getting over and winning, right. But it's not that you wanna set things up so it can be win-win. And the best way you're going to do that is by you taking control. And this book teaches you how you can take control.

Over negotiations. So Trump style negotiations by George Ross. He talks about Donald Trump a lot, but this book is not by Donald Trump. It's still great fundamentals, great principles by George Ross.

All right. Next book I would like to recommend is, uh, rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. So I'm from the real estate space and a lot of people talk about that book and how it influenced their lives. It is one of the first books that got me thinking, okay. I want more outta life and I don't want to keep this job, right.

It's very basic, but it's a great book to get you started. So rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiosaki. The next book is also gonna be recommended by Robert Kiosaki and that book is cancel flow quadrant. Cash flow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki is a more technical book, right? It gives you more technical aspects of how to run a business, how to be an investor.

Um, he talks about the cash flow quadrant. So the, the quadrant is you have employee, you have self employee, then you have. Business big business for B, and then you have an investor, Robert Kiyosaki breaks down those concepts and he tells you and gives you strategies on how you can get to the other side of the quadrant, which is big business and investor.

Right? So it's a great book, great technical book, and a great follow up to the original rich dad, poor dad. All right. So, uh, three more books I would like to recommend, and these are by none other than. Me. Right. So Jerome Lewis, these are three books that I'm gonna recommend. The first book I wanna recommend is this book here, the ultimate video marketing guide.

This is a book that teaches you how to get over that hump of doing video, right? A lot of people want to grow their business. And one of the best ways that you can grow your business is about doing video, creating video content, right? So this. Is a book that teaches you how to get over that fear of doing video.

Get over the technicalities of doing video, how to implement video into your business. Next book I would like to recommend is, and it's been since updated is 17 productivity secrets and other useful implementation strategies. This is a book that teaches you different strategies that you can take and implement into your business ASAP.

Right? So this is a book that you can read from front to bat. However, this book, you should be able to open up a book and go to a specific chapter and implement that strategy immediately, right? To grow your business fast. Right? So, as an example, if I were to open up to I'm looking at chapter 42 and chapter 42, as an example, talks about video transcription, how you can take videos, transcribe it and use it in your business, right?

How you can create more content. Another thing in this book, marketing, it teaches you. It tells you about how you can implement market. Into your business. So there are over 17 useful productivity secrets in this book, and you can just whip this thing out, right? It's a very short book, a hundred pages. You can whip this thing out and implement something between your business ASAP.

And it even comes with a companion guide. So the books that I'm recommending from my, on my behalf of me as the author, they come with a companion guy, right? So those are two books. And then last but not least is my number one best selling book, which is this one. Remarketing real estate marketing, insider secrets of successful advertising, lead generation and marketing implementation for real estate entrepreneurs.

Right? So. This is a book that's gonna teach you everything that you need to know. What do you need to know about advertising? What do you need to know about marketing? What do you need to know about lead generation? How are you gonna do these things? This book breaks it down, right? It's about 250 plus pages and it gives you practical, actionable.

Input on how you can employ marketing into your business. Right? So it teaches you everything you need to know. It tells you about what they're not saying. You know, they, Hey, go build a marketing funnel. What does that mean? What does that even mean? Right? What does that mean? Hey, go start marketing. What does that mean?

How do I do it? This book gives you the practical, actionable steps. It gives you practical and actionable, right? And we underline implementation because this is what we are about implementation. We're gonna help you. Over the hump. We're gonna help you implement. Right. You get a lot of theory. And, and we, we, I guess we could give you some theory, but what I wanted to do was I wanted to showcase implementation, because I wanna get you to the finish line as fast as possible.

Right? One of the issues that we have is we're overwhelmed. I don't know what to say. I don't know what to do. Right. It's time to implement. How do you do that? How do you implement this book tells you what you need to know, so you can start to implement ASAP. This is about implementation. We here we are about implementation.

We want you to get results. Okay. So this is an excellent book for you to get over that hump. If you want to employ marketing into your business, you wanna generate more leads. You wanna close more deals, grab this book, right? And you can go grab this book. The cool thing about when you grab this book is you get a copy of these other two books as well.

pay the shipping. It's about:

of one, this one retails for:

Just this one itself, this one retails for 7 97 on Amazon. And this one retails for 7 97 as well. So all you do is cover shipping. You don't have to. You know, I have to pay for all of them. If you visit our website, remarketing, which you'll see on the screen, remarketing and you get all three of those books and you even get some bonus items.

So, uh, I'm gonna be quiet. That's enough for me for now. I am done talking. Those are some of the books that have influenced and helped me grow my business. Those are all excellent books. I'm pretty sure you have some recommendations, but, uh, if, if you, if. Apply these books and you apply these theories to your business and to your life, you are guaranteed to get resolved.

So my name is Joran Lewis. I appreciate you so much, and I hope to see you on the other side. Bye.